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868 boulevard des hunaudieres - zac des hunaudieres
72230 Ruaudin
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Traditional French restaurant | Ruaudin

Bombance ... As in every idea at the origin there is a lack, a desire, a need and love, a lot of love. The love of the product, that of friends, the love of sharing, good things and good times.

Originally there are two bears, two fellows, two bon vivant, two friends who have always offered their sympathy to those who pass their door. Already gathered on the Chalet, here they are today reunited again within Bombance. Here arises the noise of the steak on the grill, the corkscrew on the magnum, that of a group of friends laughing. It is the music of a gentle France that simply benefits.

The French art of living as the English say, an embassy of the bon vivant, a lair of merry fellows. If you recognize yourself in these lines, it's because you've come to the right place, in the right hands, ready to enjoy a quality feast. So dear friends, take advantage of this moment as we take advantage of being able to offer it to you because life is a celebration :heart: To conclude, a quote from friend Jean Gabin: “Jaaaaaaammmmbiiiieeeer !! "

Your humble servants, Franck & Will.

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